2007 Meetings- Park Knoll Block Watch
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Below are SUMMARIES of past meetings.  For more information, attend a meeting!

August 31, 2007- The first meeting of the Park Knoll Block Watch, with over 100 people in attendance! 

  •  Officer Julie Gonzalez, our liason from the Milwaukee Police Department, was at the meeting.  She spoke about block watches, crime prevention and handed out lots of crime prevention information. 
  • Alderman Jim Bohl was also at the meeting.  He spoke about issues city wide and issues that pertain to Aldermanic District 5. 
  • Attendees at the meeting shared reports of recent crime incidents. 
  • Block watch signs were handed out and attendees were asked to sign up to be block watch captains.

September 28, 2007-New Apostolic Church graciously provided treats and beverages!

  • Officer Julie Gonzalez and Alderman Jim Bohl were again in attendance and spoke about crime and city issues.
  • A Secretary and Treasurer for the block watch were chosen.
  • A proposal was made to form a neighborhood association in addition to a block watch.  The differences between neighborhood associations and block watches were disscussed.
  • Ideas for a name for the block watch were collected.
  • Neighbors raised and discussed various neighborhood concerns.  It was agreed that suggested dues/donations for the block watch would be $1.00 per family per meeting.

October 19, 2007

  • The night time trick or treat was discussed.  A vote in favor of blocking off the streets was made.
  • Neighborhood issues, recent crimes, and crime prevention tips were brought up.
  • A vote was made in favor of the name of the block watch to be Park Knoll.

 December 13, 2007                 Agenda from meeting 12-13-07

  • A vote was made in favor of having the leadership structure of the block watch be a board.  We have 5 neighbors willing to serve a one year term (Jan . 2008-Jan. 2009).  We are looking for 7 members in total.  If interested in being a board member, please email us at: info@parkknoll.org.  If more than 7 people are interested, we will hold an election at the February meeting.
  • Neighbors raised concerns about snow removal and other city issues.  Alderman Bohl was in attendance and took notes regarding the issues.
  • For narrow streets and during snow storms, please park on the even house address side of the street on even days and on the odd house address side of the street on odd days.  Please ask your guests to do the same.  This will aide in snow removal and neighborhood safety and is required during snow emergencies.
  • A treasurer's report was given.
  • See the agenda for other items discussed.