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From tinsel to table scraps, holiday hazards for pets abound. Click above for some tips to help you keep them safe.

If you would like to add your pet's photo on this webpage, email the picture(s) and information to: info@parkknoll.org. Anyone can also post lost and found pet information to the facebook page: www.facebook.com/parkknoll
6-22-14: Do you know if anyone is missing a black cat with a white color coat on its neck area?  I looked outside my back yard by my deck and seen this cat sitting on my patio and their were a couple small kittens with the cat.  The cat noticed me and all of them ran under my deck. If you are the cat's owner, send an email to info@parkknoll.org and you will be put in touch with the person where the cat is.
 We are new in the neighborhood. We have three cats. Two of them go outside sometimes. The black cat is Lilly.
Antje 6021 N. River Trail Dr.


The cats names are JubJub (orange) and Cole (black) we are adult neutered males. The dog is Anna.  If found, please return us to 6133 N. River Trail Dr.

My name is abu I am a little yorkie who enjoys sneaking out of the house to run. I love the park. Please take me to my mom or call her. My bother usually runs out with me. His name is balu. He is bigger than me and we kinda look alike.  Please  help us be safe of the road and notify our  parents we would die of loneliness without our mommy and daddy.  12000 W. Kaul. Avenue.

  Attached is a pic of Oscar.  He looks like a lab but he's a  Boxer/Dalmatian mix that is neutered and has a chip. Oscar is registered at the Norwood Animal Clinic on Lovers Lane and with the Milwaukee Humane Society.  He lives at 6150 N. 118th Street.  If he happens to be naughty it would be nice to know that there are people who will look out for him.



Hi my name is Jazz!

 I am a BIG goofball!  I may be timid to you but boy oh boy if you have another dog I just want to play play play! Sometimes I see a squirel or a bunny and I just can't help myselt and knock people out of the way to give chase.

I live at 5921 N 121st.

Phone: 353-9264. My mom Cheri's cell is 414-217-9937. My dad Joe's cell is 414-736-2622


Hi,  My name is Angel.  I am a yellow labrador retriever and I love all people expecially kids.  If you would see me roaming the area, please help me find my way back home. I live with Glenn and Sue Zakrzewski at 6235 N. River Trail Dr. My phone number is 414-353-1046 if you would rather call my humans. Thanks

Shirley is a brown and gray tiger kitty that loves to spend time on our deck on River Trail Dr.  If you ever see her away from her home please call us, we would be devastated if  she were lost.262-352-4512 or 414-573-2564.
Laverne  - Lost in 2010
Laverne, Shirley's sister, was lost last summer.  Although we searched for weeks Laverne was never found. If you see her or know where she is please call us and let us know.     









These three pets live at 11913 West Bender Road.  If found please call 414 313-7018


 The dog, Barkalena, is a Cock-a-poo, she looks like her picture with her hair cut, but looks like a little Brown and Black sheepdog when it is long.  She is “Very Friendly” and loves anyone who pets her.

The two cats are Sweetie and Chuck.  They are "Indoor Cats” only and hopefully will never get out.  They have no claws. Sweetie is Gray and Black with a lot of neck and belly White, she has a white spot on her hip. Chuck is Gray, Black and Brown.

Brown mix tabby about 7pounds

Hi my name is Molly, I am a 4 year old border collie mix,  I belong to Cheryl.  Please call 414-760-9733 

My name is Scooter and, for the most part, I stay pretty close to home.  If by chance you see me wandering, please return me to my home at 11912 W. Kaul Avenue or call my dad (Jim) to pick me up (262.617.1752).  Thanks.


I’m Henna (Chocolate lab), I’m just a pup so I’m learning to stay in my yard and come when my mom or dad call.  If you see me running the neighborhood, please return me to my family, as I will miss them, especially my little human sister!!  (or SHE will miss me very, very much)


Rocco & Kallie

Hi, we are Rocco (Boxer Mix) & Kallie (Chocolate Lab).  As loud as we are, we won’t leave our yard as we have an invisible fence and know to stay in it.   We do like to protect our yard and our house.  However, if we ever do get out, please return us to our homes!  Kallie is friendly and Rocco is too once he gets to know you, he will be leery of you at first. 


Rocco, Kallie and Henna live at 12015 W. Bobolink Ave.  Our home phone is 414-336-9111 or my dad’s cell (Josh) is 414-405-6778 or mom’s (Melissa) 414-416-5800. 


This is our dog, Fender. He was up north the week before & while running his tags were ripped off and lost, so he is not wearing any tags. He is wearing a red collar. Fender has a long tail that curves over his back & has long fur on it. He is very friendly & goes up to anyone. Please let me know if you hear of him anywhere.Dan & Leslie Berendt 12211 W. Bobolink. Ave. 414-760-1813
This is "Ollie", he belongs to Jim and Rose. If found, please  email: schmidt.4@att.net

This is Cinnamon.  She is about 10 years old and cinnamon colored with a disposition as sweet as can be.  Cinnamon lives at 5979 N. 117th Street.  Her owners, Phil & Tiffany Ace, can be contacted by phone at 414-760-0243 or via email at acefamily4christ@att.net